Revista AIPS salută aniversarea APS 85

AIPS: Romanian Sports Press Association celebrates 85th Anniversary

Principele Radu primeste tabloul aniversar APS 85

Sporting Press Association President Dumitru Graur and Prince Radu of Romania. Photo/Daniel Angelescu – Royal House Photographer

By Emanuel Fantaneanu, AIPS Executive Committee Member.

BUCHAREST, November 2, 2012 – Not to forget the past, to appreciate the present and look in the future to remain always young regardless of the age written in a birth certificate – this was the main idea of the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Sports Press Association in Romania, in 1927, during a Gala which took place in one of the most important symbols of Romanian culture, the Atheneum in Bucharest.
“In 1881 the first sports newspaper was established in Romania. In 1927 the Sporting Press Association was constituted by a group of enthusiastic journalists, who saw in it the creation of a solid foundation for the sports press. Those journalists have felt that they could not remain alone and then joined the International Sports Press Association, founded just three years before. Since then, with each page of the newspaper, with every word uttered on the radio, with each picture on the small screen, day by day, year by year the press has grown in the same time, in the same way with sports, settling an inseparable community. The Sport Press Association is the only Association of press in Romania that had a continuous activity regardless of historical moments,” Dumitru Graur, president of Romania Sports Press Association, the man who was the soul of this celebration said in his opening words.

Their Royal Highnesses Princess Margareta and Prince Radu of Romania, Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, Carmen Tocala, Sport Minister, Octavian Morariu, President of the Olympic Committee, Dumitru Dragomir, President of the Professional Football League, Senator Cristian Topescu, one of the leading sports commentators in the past 50 years, former Vice-President APS, Ioan Dobrescu, General Secretary of NOC, Gheorghe Hagi, Ilie Nastase, Iolanda Balas, Ivan Patzaichin, Valeria Racila, Gabriela Szabo, Otilia Badescu – Olympic, world and continental champions, presidents of national federations, cultural, political and businessmen personalities were present at this important anniversary for Romania sport press. And, normal, sports journalists were present.
The entire group was particularly honored to welcome Esat Yilmaer, First Vice-president of AIPS, evidence of the close connection between AIPS and APS.
The history of the first decades of modern Romanian sport and sports media are closely related to the Royal House, all the Kings of Romania knowing very well that sport can contribute to efficiency through its qualities to the development of society and the people. Therefore, the Sport Press Association of Romania was particularly honored to receive last year’s high Patronage of the Royal House. The Anniversary Ceremony was a great opportunity for APS to provide the Royal House with a special Trophy, designed for this occasion.
A special message was conveyed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, former basketball player and car driver. The message underlined the importance of the press and Sports Press Association in life of society. “Sport is a basic component of this giant engine that makes humanity to go always ahead,” said the Prime Minister who was presented with a Special Award for supporting sport.
The Sports Press Association of Romania has been very close to AIPS since its foundation. This issue has been mentioned in the message presented by our friend and colleague Esat Yilmaer, First Vice-president of AIPS, on behalf of the President of the AIPS, Gianni Merlo. The Romania Sports Press Association has always supported the cause of AIPS and sought to contribute to the development of sports media in the world.
In the time a number of personalities have been chosen in the AIPS Executive Committee: “The Romanian capital was an important city for my evolution as a sports journalist and during that period I met Aurel Neagu, an icon not just for sports journalism in Romania, but highly respected throughout Europe and the world. A former member of the AIPS Executive Committee, it was Aurel who was instrumental in the organization of the 1968 AIPS Congress in Bucharest. I wish to also acknowledge my great friend and colleague, Mr Emanuel Fantaneanu, a much-valued member of the current AIPS Executive Committee. Emanuel has a great deal of knowledge and experience within the world of sports journalism, and he is always happy to impart his wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to our committee and we are the richer for it,” said the AIPS President Gianni Merlo in his message.
Special commemorative trophies were offered by the First Vice-president Esat Yilmaer on behalf of AIPS and President Gianni Merlo to the Royal House and to the Sports Press Association’s President, Mr. Dumitru Graur.
Press, praise and criticism. The press is the „guard dog” of democracy. The sports press does not make exceptions. This time he praised, bestowing awards to people who have contributed and contributes not only to the development of the sport, but getting involved with devotion in activities with an impact in society: Gheorhe Hagi and Mircea Lucescu – symbol of the national and international football, Gabriela Szabo and Valeria Racila – Olympic champions, all involved in sports social activities; Sorin Oprescu – Mayor of Bucharest, for his great contribution to build the new and modern National Stadium; Octavian Morariu, NOC President – for his contribution to the Olympic movement, Razvan Burleanu, President of the European Mini Football Federation, and Radu Cosasu and Ovidiu Ioanitoaia, journalists.
But two special people were given a standing ovation as a tribute to their courage and passion for sport, and for the profession. At the forefront of attention was Carol Eduard Novak, gold and silver medalist at the Paralympics Games in Beijing and London: „Sport taught me not to quit. Sport has given me a great chance to demonstrate that we can be strong regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves … „said the Olympic champion.
Unquestionably, the most emotional moment was when at the elegant scene some of the „pillars” of Romanian sport press, some of them now the same age as our Association, 85 or more years were mentioned: Constantin Macovei – former president of NSJA, Dumitru Stanculescu, Constantin Alexe, Stelian Trandafirescu, Aurelian Brebeanu, Gheorghe Nertea, Modesto Ferrarini, Dimitrie Calimachi, Aurel D. Neagu, Radu Timofte, Tiberiu Stama, Mihai Vesa s.a, journalists recognized for their great value. It was an extremely emotional moment, when were all generations of journalists who have lived days and nights in the redaction and stadiums gathered. In their name, in the name of the all sports journalists, old and young, Emanuel Fantaneanu, Honorary President of APS, AIPS Executive Member, uttered a two words to all: „Thank you!” The whole room cheered him.
The Royal Choir and Orchestra, as well as Royal National Defense Representative Music Orchestra have contributed a very special program to the special anniversary for the sports press in Romania: 85 years since the creation of the Association.
An Association with the old, but always young!

Up: Emanuel Fantaneanu, AIPS Executive Member, Esat Yilmaer, AIPS First Vice-president and Prince Radu of Romania. Photo/Daniel Angelescu – Royal House Photographer


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