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Revista AIPS salută aniversarea APS 85

AIPS: Romanian Sports Press Association celebrates 85th Anniversary

Principele Radu primeste tabloul aniversar APS 85

Sporting Press Association President Dumitru Graur and Prince Radu of Romania. Photo/Daniel Angelescu – Royal House Photographer

By Emanuel Fantaneanu, AIPS Executive Committee Member.

BUCHAREST, November 2, 2012 – Not to forget the past, to appreciate the present and look in the future to remain always young regardless of the age written in a birth certificate – this was the main idea of the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Sports Press Association in Romania, in 1927, during a Gala which took place in one of the most important symbols of Romanian culture, the Atheneum in Bucharest.
“In 1881 the first sports newspaper was established in Romania. In 1927 the Sporting Press Association was constituted by a group of enthusiastic journalists, who saw in it the creation of a solid foundation for the sports press. Those journalists have felt that they could not remain alone and then joined the International Sports Press Association, founded just three years before. Since then, with each page of the newspaper, with every word uttered on the radio, with each picture on the small screen, day by day, year by year the press has grown in the same time, in the same way with sports, settling an inseparable community. The Sport Press Association is the only Association of press in Romania that had a continuous activity regardless of historical moments,” Dumitru Graur, president of Romania Sports Press Association, the man who was the soul of this celebration said in his opening words.

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